Naval Elks Club

Poster & Sign

This was a poster & sign design project I completed for the Naval Elks Lodge of Port Angeles, Washington. They  needed a fun, family oriented poster to promote the event they were putting on in celebration of their 125th anniversary! Because Port Angeles is my hometown, they gave me a lot of creative freedom with the style. This project holds a very special place in my heart and I am so grateful I got to do It.

I kept the illustrations very playful and modern since it needed to appeal to people of all ages. Each illustration coordinates with the events taking place and the actual lodge itself.  For the color palette I needed something that matched the essence of the changing of seasons from summer to fall in the Northwest during September, while maintaining the mood of the illustrations themselves. Lastly, I chose this type because it was  bold and legible,  but still soft enough to match the tone of the other elements.