Rambler Green and yellow cover-01.jpg

Visual Communications Capstone 2021


Rambler is a journaling system I created to address mental health in a light-hearted way by engaging with users through a series of imaginative prompts as well as providing them with plenty of free space to simply ramble. I made the type funky and playful while keeping the actual page design more minimal. It was also important to me to use a gender-neutral color palette so that there would be an option for everyone. After all, mental health problems and general life struggles do not discriminate. We all could use a good ramble every now and then!

This project required me to reflect on some of my own personal struggles and derive a design challenge based upon that. I began in a vague place and continued my research until I came to  a more well-rounded understanding of what my users needs were. Once I narrowed down my design solution options I found that this was the best final product  for my particular design challenge.

Click here for a full process deck.